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Zone Dome Treadmill Projector

Zone Dome Treadmill Projector
Treadmills are great for working out, but it can get pretty boring running in place for long periods while indoors. If only you could bring the sights of the outdoors inside while you run. Well, you can. The Zone Dome Treadmill Projector by Running Unlimited goes in front of your treadmill and allows you to run through some of the world’s most exotic scenery.

The 38″ hemispheric, concave monitor spans the width of a treadmill to create a realistic and immersive outdoor world. It automatically adjusts the speed of the scene to match your pace. This will spice up your running activities. It features such locations as California’s Joshua Tree National Park, the Pacific coastline, a lakefront village and more. Now you can run in the winter and be in a sunny summer locale!