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WowWee Fingerlings Interactive Monkeys Review

Fingerlings have the potential to be the next Furby. They are cute and adorable interactive pets from WowWee and we recently got the opportunity to try one out and see how fun it is. There are six different Fingerlings that you can collect:

MIA – Purple Fingerling
Hi – I’m Mia! I’m a purple monkey with white hair and I’m curious about the giant world around me!
SOPHIE – White Fingerling
My name is Sophie and I’m full of loving monkey hugs, with a white body and purple hair!
BORIS – Blue Fingerling
BORIS is my name. Laughter is my game! You’ll love my blue and orange color combo.
FINN – Black Fingerling
FINN is my name. I’m black and blue and I swing to the beat of my own drum!
BELLA – Pink Fingerling
My name is Bella. My bright yellow hair complements my oh-so-pink skin. I express how I feel with cute monkey babble!
ZOE – Turquoise Fingerling
My name is Zoe and I love life upside down! My perfect purple hair stands out against my turquoise blue skin!

We got to try out Zoe. This toy has various sensors and can react to sound, motion and touch. You can blow a kiss in it’s face and it will make a sort of giggling sound and move it’s head. Rub it’s head to get another reaction. Hang them upside down and they make funny noises and much more. They are almost 6 inches tall and you can hold them on your finger while you interact with them, hence the name. They are designed for kids ages 5 and up. Each has over 40 sounds and animations. They come in six different colors with different personalities.

We found these toys to be a lot of fun and small kids are going to love them. It’s almost as good as having an actual tiny monkey to play with. Will they be the next furby? Hard to say. They are a different animal. Fingerlings seem to interact with kids on a more personal level.

If you buy a fingerling, within the first week of sales Wowwee will donate $1.00 to Wildaid for every one sold. So you are also helping real wildlife.