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SnapPower Safelight Review

SnapPower has recently released the SnapPower Safelight, an outlet cover night light designed with child safety in mind. It features sliding outlet covers that help prevent electrical shocks when kids try to stick their fingers in, as kids do. The night light feature means that you can have an outlet and a night light in one. This is not only handy for safety reasons, but it is nice to be able to have a night light say, in the hall or in the kitchen. Anywhere you want. All of SnapPower’s outlet cover products are easy to install. Just remove your existing outlet cover and snap the new one in place which draws power from the existing wiring without needing batteries or rewiring. You don’t have to be an electrician. Do turn the power off first though. It could not be easier. The night light on the SnapPower Safelight is not super bright. At least on the one I installed. Just bright enough to give you a soothing light to see by. And that’s a good thing. Night lights shouldn’t be overpowering. This is a handy outlet that that will make things easier on you at night when you navigate to the bathroom, or whatever. We like it a lot. You should probably have a few around the house.