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Charles Viancin Hibiscus Silicon Lid Gift Set

Charles Viancin Hibiscus Gift Set
Storing leftovers and other perishables can be challenging sometimes. How much money have you paid for cling wrap over the years. I’ll give you a minute to do the math. Yes, that much! That’s way too much money down the drain.This Charles Viancin Hibiscus Gift Set is a beautiful and practical alternative to plastic wrap. These lids can be used over and over again. They seal tight on all smooth rims, which means that you can use any bowl for food storage.

These lids create an airtight, watertight seal for reheating and storing. They can also be used while serving food, to keep your food hot or cold for longer. Each lid is oven, microwave, dishwasher and heat safe up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the smart way to store food. And they are much more attractive than plastic wrap. Pretty and useful. We love that.

Charles Viancin Hibiscus Gift Set

Charles Viancin Hibiscus Gift Set