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Board Game Review: Here, Kitty, Kitty!

here kitty kitty gameFireside Games sent us a copy of Here, Kitty, Kitty! It is a crazy cat collecting game that will please cat hoarders and cat lovers of every stripe. This game is for 3 to 6 players, but I think it plays best with 3. It comes with 40 cat miniatures in various colors. You put those in the middle of the table. That pile represents the neighborhood cat population. The idea is to lure cats from the neighborhood onto your property. You can also steal your neighbors cats in a variety of ways and have them stolen from you. So look out.

Each player has a property card with a yard, a porch and the inside of the house. You want to get as many cats into your house as possible. That’s what is going to score you all the points. You get extra points for having the most cats of one color, or for having one of each color, having five of each color etc. But it won’t be easy keeping those cats on your property. Everyone in the neighborhood is crazy for kitties. And your neighbors will pull all kinds of dirty tricks to get them.
here kitty kitty game
You have 3 cards in your hand. You can take two actions on your turn. That can include playing two cards, moving a cat one space (From the yard to the porch. From the neighborhood to your yard etc.) or discarding a card.

This is a game that is super easy to play and learn. The game could not be simpler in fact. Winning? That’s not so easy. This game is fun and lighthearted and will appeal to just about anyone. As someone who plays TONS of complicated board games across all genres, this was a breath of fresh air, because it is so NOT complicated. The emphasis is just on good old fashioned fun. It really is a joy to play.
here kitty kitty game
The little cat miniatures are adorable. Some are sitting, some are laying, some look ready to pounce. The property cards all have different styles. The art on the cards are awesome and super silly and fun. So they really put some thought into all of the little details.

So what is the bottom line? Do I love it?

I kind of love it. Which was a nice surprise. It is so simple and just plain fun. It’s a feel good game. It will definitely be a crowd-pleaser on game night. It just seems to make people smile.

This game plays best with 3 people. Since the game ends when the cards run out, we found that 5 or 6 players was just way too many. The game was over way too quick and no one could really get their fair share of cat stealing on. More cards would solve this issue. But with 3 players, it plays perfectly. My only complaint would be what I just mentioned, that I want more cards. Hopefully they will offer an expansion at some point.

Buy this game. You and your family will love it.