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3 In 1 Smartphone Clip-On Lens

3 In 1 Smartphone Clip-On Lens
Is the lens on your smartphone not enough? Let’s face it, the standard smartphone lens leaves a little something to be desired. You need more options. And that’s where this 3 In 1 Smartphone Clip-On Lens comes in handy. You just clip it over your phone lens and now you can take a wide array of pictures.

This detachable lens kit for mobile phones & digital cameras give you 3 new options. The fish eye lens lets you see the image with the range of 180 degrees from the right to the left on your phone for unrealistic fish-eye images. The Macro Lens and the Wide Angle Lens are combined together for super close ups on small objects. It is compatible with just about any phone on the market, whether it is the iPhone, HTC, Samsung, iPad, Tablet PC and Laptops.