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Star Trek Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control

star trek phaser remote controlJust because you are on the couch watching TV, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a phaser with you as if you were on an away mission. Just like the original Star Trek phasers, this remote control is a Type I Phaser, which slots into a larger Type II Phaser body with a removable pistol-grip. Every Star Trek fan should have one.

– Looks, feels and works like the real prop.
– Tons of features and functions, including multi-color illuminated beam emitter on both Phaser I and Phaser II, authentic Phaser and Enterprise sounds and spoken prompts.
– This is a fully functioning gesture-based universal remote control that will work with almost all home entertainment systems and many other infrared remote controlled devices.
– It comes in a specially-designed, protective transit case, with hidden-magnet, die cast metal display stand, USB charging cable, Enterprise screwdriver and even an illustrated poster manual.


star trek phaser remote control