• Skalpel Steak Knife
  • Money-To-Burn Fire Starters
  • Pravana Vivids Heat Activated Hair Color Kit
  • Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave
  • Spicy Sweet Heat Skittles
  • Pokemon Pikachu Mini Backpack

Sarcastic Magic 8-Ball

sarcastic magic 8 ball
When you have questions and the answers are eluding you, who do you turn to? Someone wise. Someone mystical. Someone you can trust. Like the good old Magic 8-Ball. Or in this case the Sarcastic Magic 8-Ball.

Ask it anything. All of your burning questions will be answered with a variety of hilarious responses. Like “You Wish” or “In your dreams”. Maybe you will get, “Ask me if I care.” Sarcasm is always a great gift. Give it to someone special.